Phone call screen blankout

Hello everyone,
When I make a phone call, it completes the call, however the screen goes blank. I cannot enable phone speaker or dialpad, unless I press the start button once. Is the a way to enable tapping on the screen instead ?

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It might be helpful to provide some additional information as e.g.

  • your phone
  • running OS and version

my phone google pixel 5
running /e/OS v1.15

Same problem on now dead (or coma-ed) OnePlus 7T Pro and I’d like to be kept up to date.

I expected that the movement of the phone from the ear, using accelerometers would have switched the screen on. It used to on the ancient /e/ 0.14 (Android 7).

Hey there,
just waiting for a response back. thanks for the feedback. good to know it’s not just me.

@Jack’s suggestion reminded me that I think that it is the proximity sensor which should allow the screen to come alive after a call.

There is an app available from App Lounge, Device Info HW by Andrey Efremov. Here under “sensors” (scroll the top bar) you can test and read about the proximity sensor – it can possibly be disturbed by a case or screen protector sometimes.

Interesting. The OnePlus 7t Pro does not have an exposed, forward pointing camera (it has a popup camera) Perhaps that was issue for me on the newer install. (Presuming the pro,imity sensor is light based)

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