Phone case for Samsung Gigaset GS290

Just bought a Samsung Gigaset GS290 from esolutions. Very pleased with the phone, although it is very hard to see the screen outside in bright light - I have the glass protector on it.

Living in UK, I am finding it really difficult to find a protective case for this model - I guess it is mainly sold across EU. I bought a protective ring from K-S-Trading on eBay - it is useless, the stretch needed to fit the GS290 is so great it just pings off easily. It does not grip the sides effectively and easily slips off the phone!

So, any recommendations please. I do not want a full bookcase cover as advertised on esolutions. Ideally I would like a clear protective case that covers the side and back - bearing in mind of course the position of camera lenses and fingerprint sensor on this model.

NB - for those living in UK, I was charged £50 in import fees - a factor I had overlooked! Just another inconvenience of leaving the EU!!!

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