Phone crashed, screen lag

since this morning I can’t use my phone anymore. It’s very urgent to find a solution as I need it to work.
The screen flashed when I try to switch off from sleep, there’s a grey screen (similar as a TV screen with no antenna), and I can’t do anything even switch off the phone.
I try to remove the battery and restart and the screen is quite long to download, each action take a really long time, and if the phone go to sleep, I can’t stop it, and I’ve the grey flashing screen each time I try to awaken it.

please, help me ! i’m desperate.

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You don’t say what model phone you are using, but here are a few things to try. Before you start

  • restart the phone in TWRP / recovery - (either press Volume down + Power, or adb reboot recovery. O there may be a different way of booting to recovery for your device).
  • then do a full backup of Boot, System and Data partitions
    If you can’t boot into recovery, then it may be you have a hardware problem. You could try reflashing a stock ROM - how you do that depends on what device you have.

If you manage to boot into recovery, then try the following.

  1. In TWRP, Wipe > Advanced wipe. Select ‘Dalvik /ART Cache’, then ‘Swipe to wipe’. Try to reboot. If that doesnt’ work…
  2. … in TWRP, Wipe > Format data, type yes, and format. Try to reboot. If that doesn’t work…
  3. … in TWRP, install the latest /e/ ROM for your device, using Install or adb sideload. Try to reboot.

If you succeed in rebooting after 1, then you should be able to carry on. After 2 or 3, then you will need to restore your data from the backup you made earlier.

Good luck!

i will try this thanks,
i’ve a fairphone 3, but the problem doesn’t seem to come from the phone as the screen is okay when displaying the logo fairphone and only lag when displaying the e logo.

all right (or not)
can’t start in recovery mode :confused: