Phone network signal bars not working (alway zero bar)

Hi there !
I’m using /e/OS (1.4-20220920220045, Android 10) on my Samsung S7 since 2 weeks and I am quite very happy with it until now.
I just notice a small problem since some days (it wasn’t like that after installation) : the antenna icon that usually display the power of the signal usually with some bars is always empty on my phone and I’d like to have it working, does anyone have the same problem ? or any idea how to solve it ?

I have 4G+ right now on the screen shot but with empty bar…

I’ve the same problem on my S7 since the 1.0, but only when I’m calling…

Today I get an update of /e/ from 1.4 to 1.5 and this solve the problem. Now it works as it should, problem solved :heavy_check_mark:

Finally, after one day, it is back to the state where the signal triangle is always empty whatever the signal is good or not. It is not that problematic because the phone works, it just that you cannot know if the signal quality is good or not, the last update didn’t solve this durably.