Phone not switching on (LeEco Le2)

I seem to have a problem with power cycling my phone with /e/ installed.

If the phone runs the battery right down to zero it requires a hard reset to switch on. Even if I wait until the battery is fully charged the phone needs a hard rest to switch on.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I can try to replicate this issue during the next few days on my LeEco Le2.

Also happened when I updated /e/ today

Also when this happens the date and time are reset to 1 Jan 1970 01:00.
The OS seems to correct the date and time relatively quickly but not before incoming SMS messages are time stamped with the wrong date & time. Pretty inconvenient. (Using QKSMS for messaging).

I use /e/ on the LeEco Le2 since the beta release. In that time I had two incidents (about end of October) where I had to hard reset the phone after a system update (with date and time reset to 1 Jan 1970).
Since I was unable to replicate this problem and could not identify a reason for it, I considered them “freak accidents” and did not report them on Gitlab.

According to your description, you can reliably bring your phone into a state where it needs a hard reset. It would be great, if you could raise in issue on gitlab as described here:

Today I let my battery run to 0%. I switched it back on at about 15% and did not need a hard reset.
So I was not able to replicate the described issue.

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Ok. I have done more controlled tests:
I let the phone run down to 0%.
Plug in and let charge up to 15%.
Press & hold power button.
After about 5 seconds phone turns on.
Release power button.
LeEco logo appears.
/e/ logo appears.
Phone goes dead.
led on top left goes red.
Press and hold power button.
After 10 or more seconds phone switches on.
Release power button.
Phone reboots properly on second attempt.

This has happened twice, I think. In this instance this was not strictly a hard reset but it is not normal for the phone to require two attempts to turn on either. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

I have posted an issue here:
Problem has degraded so that I can’t switch phone on at all now.

I can get into recovery mode but do not know what options to choose.
The options are: Install, wipe, backup, restore, mount, settings, advanced, reboot.
When I look in restore there are no items in the list.
When I choose reboot the phone gets to the /e/ logo but dies before the “My data…” slogan appears.

Any suggestions for how to use the recovery mode? Do I have to reinstall?

Hi @roncos are you following the same instructions as given here

@Manoj Yes I followed those instructions initially. Phone has been working for several weeks but with this problem which has now got worse. Any suggestions? should I wipe and reinstall? If I reinstall can I get back my contacts etc?

Looping @rhunault. Romain this is the issue on leEco where the battery was drained.
Yes @roncos you should wipe and reinstall. We had another user report an issue with the battery on this phone.
If you had saved the contacts using the /e/ account on your e drive they would be accessible after a format. First you can check the contact are all there at . login with your user and password.
Take backup before any format and save it on your PC just to be on the safe side. Try not to let the battery drain to 0%. Have a Motorola on my desk which bricked after getting to 0% :frowning:

Hi @Manoj is the original install image still on the phone or do I have to follow those instructions from the start again?

Hi @roncos,

You can follow the last part (“Installing /e/ from custom recovery”), as your bootloader is already unlocked, and the recovery installed.

Hi guys. @rhunault, @Manoj
When following these instructions there is no mention of using the “Zip signature verification” option. I checked that option just because it sounded like the right thing to do even though it is not in the instructions. Two different /e/ zips have failed the verification. Is this normal? Is it OK to continue?

It should work without checking the signature verification option.

@Manoj @rhunault
Thanks for your help so far. I have installed the latest nightly build and the problem is still the same. Can enter recovery mode without a problem can follow the last section of instructions as suggested but /e/ still does not boot. Is there something else to try? Presumably this is an /e/ problem rather than a hardware problem since the recovery works OK and the phone appears to start to load /e/ but then stops. Any more suggestions?

@roncos are you still having this issue with the /e/ setup on your LeEco?

Hi @Manoj yes still having problems. I eventually managed to reinstall everything after several attempts. Yesterday phone died and required 2 attempts to restart. Today I installed the update that was released yesterday and now phone will not boot up. Same problem as before, always crashes after the e logo with the bouncing dot shows up but before the “My Data” slogan.

Does the appearance of the e logo indicate that the OS has started loading? Are there any logs produced during startup of the OS? Is there a verbose mode that will output some status messages instead of the logo? Any other suggestions?

@Manoj not draining the battery to 0% is easier said than done. I have observed very strange battery behaviour with /e/.