Phone not unlocking sim

Turned on phone, put in sim pin, it took ages, then came up sim locked. Turned off and on again, put pin in, normal time to process, but again said sim locked again.

Tried sim in my iPhone, and sim unlocked ok.

Any ideas how I can access my sim on my Samsung S9 ( I tried a soft reset)?

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Took sim card out, rebooted, put card back in and power cycled, and now able to access sim.

Unfortunately, now I don’t have mobile internet. Will post a separate query for that.

What is the actual CSC on the s9 ? Does it match your country ?

Found from checking on that my APN settings were slightly different.

In the past I did have mobile data with the x in the signal bar. After tweaking my settings ( changing Proxy and Port from their settings to not set, and reordering the data in APN type, I now have no x and mobile data working fine.

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