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Hello, I’ve been using E for over 3 years now and it’s definitely my go to OS. However, I’ve been with my OnePlus 6t for over 6 years and sadly i think it’s time for an upgrade. I’ve changed the battery and took care of this little device quite a bit, but I can’t get it to last a full day, the camera is well to put it mildly not the best and i can see it slowing down sufficiently.

Can someone please suggest a decent replacement. I’ve been digging in forums and suggestions for over a month now and can’t seem to find a worthy match.

My main requirement are a short list (or so i thought)

  • big battery (preferably over 5000)
  • oLED display
  • dulaSIM
  • relatively medium size (screen around 6.4-6.7")
  • some water resistance (i work in a factory so it will get wet either from water, oils etc)

any help/suggestions are appreciated

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The fairphone 5 is dual sim with oled display and a big battery and a 6.5’screen I would still recommend it to anybody using /e/ a it gets the best support and especially the firmware updates with the os update as well as the the full hardware compatibility with the /e/ os, the latter being increasingly important regarding VoWifi and VoLTE. It is very important for long term use.

I do not know if eSIM is implemented but it has two physical SIM slots.

Alternatively, the Murena 2 phone will also get good support (though maybe not as good ?) with firmware updates and hardware compatibility. It is cheaper.

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thank you, honestly that was my first pick but the ip55 is a bit concerning and the camera feedback isn’t great (definitely not my main priority, but if I’m getting an upgrade… might as well) the other option was pixel 7 but… idk Google