Phone reinitialization

Hi everyone.
I want to play with my Samsung S7 phone which I received configured from /e/ (thanks everyone at /e/!).
But I would like to reset my phone once in a while, to start over with a brand new /e/ system (not the Samsung one).

Is there a way to do that? Is this what they call the “factory reset”? How can I do that?

Thanks for your answers.

Yes it is. With factor reset all your personal data and apps are wiped and you can start over with a clean system.

If you want really delete ALL data, for example when you want sell your phone, it’s better to start in recovery mode and use ‘format data’ in TWRP wipe menu

Afrer data format is the phone still with /e/ os or do I have to install it again?

Factory reset by TWRP Recovery

When resetting to the factory settings, all data is deleted from the internal storage of your device.

So the phone is restored to its original state, just as if it had just come off the assembly line. Accordingly, the following data is erased after you reset your device to factory defaults:

Other directories like /system remain untouched.See also TeamWin - TWRP What is a data/media device?

In.short words: yes. If you format data and wipe nothing else, your eOS will stay.

Thx! I juist did a full reset with 1st a wipe data and 2nd a factory reset. Curiously a few documents, videos and photos remained which I deleted manualy. Any idea why that is? I had no password for TWRP so I juist cancelled it and continued with the proces.
Do you think all (system) data is reset?

Yes, for deleting all data, you have to ‘format’ data. Wipe date is not erasing all.

I Cannot seem to find that Option (format data) in de TWRP menu.

Sorry just found iT…