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So I realized that while there is a reviews section for the terracube 2e phone, there were no reviews posted. I wrote up a review because I do quite like the phone but it has not been approved yet. Then I noticed that it seems none of the phones on the shop site have reviews? What is going on?

Actually, I will say that when I purchased my Terracube, it did make me hesitate, that there were no reviews yet. I think having a few would possibly attract more people to purchase.

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While I agree that reviews should of course appear on the site in a timely manner even if they are moderated before publication, I think this kind of thinking gives them more importance than the mere existence of them should have.

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True enough, however if you aren’t typically the early adopter type, a little assurance that you aren’t the first person to go down the path can help persuade the decision.

It’s not like it was that big of a deal, as you can see, I bought the phone. Also with reviews, I am personally typically more interested in what someone says about something. Get an idea of what their experience was like.

Checking with the team if there is an issue with the save or if none of our customers ever gave us any review comments.

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