Phone stopped ringing when being called

Just a week ago my phone asked me to update, to the /e/ update of 29th october 2020. So I did. Then it stopped booting after that, telling me to reset the ROM to factory defaults. So I did that too. This was unfortunate.

Since the reset to factory defaults I was able to install and use my phone pretty quickly again. However it stopped rining when I get a call. It just tells me I have a missed call when the person hangs up. There is no notification of any kind when I get a call.

This is annoying…

What can I do?

Pl can you share details of the phone model and the /e/ build number you flashed

Hi Manoj,

It’s a standard Fairphone 3 (not Fairphone 3+). Does that tell you enough about the phone?

I found out it only happens with my second SIM. I have dual SIM and when someone calls the second SIM it does not ring.

/e/ build number: e_FP3-userdebug 9 PQ3A.190801.002 eng.root.20201029.114727 dev-keys

Update: I just got a call and suddenly it notified me again. I will try again tomorrow from the person who called me originally, because we tried multiple times from his phone, it may have something to do with that he is a contact or that he called me before.

So what is happening that it is only occurring for this specific contact. But it’s not clear why. Settings for this contact are no different than for other contacts. The only thing that happens is that he called me quite a few times, because we work together. Is it possible that the phone blocked him automatically, or that I may have accidentally changed some settings by ignoring his call once?

I had a similar problem with GS290 : it only works with WIFI , therefore outside Wifi, nothing !
I think it is necessary to install this phone a second time : can we install the phone a second time if the first is not enough ggod ?

thank you