Phone stuck in start logo after update

hello, I made an update from 0.21 to 1.7 and when the phone has restarted came message ,qualcomm crashdump mode". I then wanted to bring handy in recovery mode, but it came the normal recovery not twrp, then I have fastboot mode on and tried to flash twrp with PC (that did not work). I then changed to slot a (fastboot --set-active=a) and then i started recovery mode and then twrp came. I couldn’t see any data from the phone, not even that system is installed(in wipe there is only :Dalvik/ART Cache, metadata, Data, Internal Storage, Usb Storage and Vendor) and the size is not there either. I then tried to start the system from twrp and waited 2 hours and all the time it loaded (so the E logo with the dot at the bottom). What can I do?

The phone is OnePlus 7 Pro and it was rooted.