Phone will not sideload initial update

Hi! Hopefully, someone can help me. I’m trying to install E on my phone for the first time. I have a Motorola 5g ace and I’m trying to sideload that signed copy folder. I get to the point where the CMD says 1.00x fer and the phone just says [ok]. When I do get an error it says “pre-KitKat sideload connection failed: closed” then it tells me, “adb sideload
Total xfer: 1.00x” and says nothing else" I’ve been trying every solution for problems that even look similar to this one and I’ve got nothing. What could I be missing? Any help would be appreciated!

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Can’t be sure of the cause but sometimes not initiating the update/sideload in the recovery first before issuing the adb sideload on the PC will do that.

See this post maybe.

For other related topics do a forum search for “kitkat”. Reasons and solutions seem to differ regarding sideload failures.

Hi, thank you for your answer! I don’t think that was the issue, but I did manage to solve it with a little more poking around in the system. I realized I may have forgotten to install the /e/ OS 1.7 zip file. It works really well now, I think I misunderstood some instructions.

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