Phone with best camera?


My question is: "Which smartphone supported by Murena has the best camera?

I’m not referring to the camera app (which I think is great), but to the hardware (pixels, aperture, wide angle lens, …).


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Hello @tyxo
the best hardware, in this case the smartphone camera, is of little use if the software, in this case the camera app, does not support the hardware in all its functions.

It is widely known that the leading open source app ‘Open Camera’ by the developer Mark Harman, on whose source code the /e/Camera app is based, does not reach the quality of the manufacturer’s app in many respects, especially with high-quality camera hardware, and does not support numerous functions. So the user has to reduce his demands.


There is no better way to explain it - unfortunately! :wink:

Perhaps I did not express myself clearly enough. Sorry. You can use gcam, for example. There the results are better. That is why I said that I am not talking about opencamera.
Of the dozens of phones, I have no idea which one has the best hardware in general.

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If you chose a xiaomi phone, there would be the anx camera, a ported version of the miui cam, that in my experience does a fairly better job ( more than12mp support, multiple lens support ootb, etc) than gcams… It might be worth looking into that

GCam aka Google Cam on a /e/OS system?!
Well, Gcam that can improve the results of many native cameras. I just wonder if the software included in it is completely deGoogled, which independent developer is behind it and if for my desire smartphone with /e/OS this application can be found at all. Because it is to find the application developed specifically for my phone model, otherwise it will not work properly. And not every eye perceives the offered photo quality equally well. Your search for a phon/e/ with the best possible camera support will take some time.