Phonenumber Areacode Lookup

Recently I called a landline phone number that was not stored in my contacts.
The phone-app ( v23.0) resolved the areacode of the called number and displays the county of the phone number in the recent caller list.

I would like to ask, how the resolution of the phone numbers work.
Are the numbers resolved locally in the phone or is a remote service used in order to get the county name?

adb logcat did not help me answeing this question.

Please see Dialer (the phone App) - (three dot menu) - Settings - Phone number lookup.
There you can enable and disable different lookups and choose (if there’s a choice) the services delivering the lookup results.

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Thank you for pointing me to the settings menu - I was not aware of it.
All settings were disabled according to the following screenshot

I am still wondering, how (and why) the areacode lookup happens, if all lookup-settings are disabled.

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Ah, that’s interesting. These lookup settings are disabled for me, too, and I needed a moment to think of an innocuous landline number I don’t have in my address book and could call for testing.
I can confirm that a lookup is happening based on the area code.

I didn’t find anything definitive in the internet so far. It doesn’t seem to be a feature of Nominatim. I wonder whether it’s a feature of the mobile network or a leftover use of the Google Places API, which apparently can work with phone numbers to find places.

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Maybe this one, leading to this ?

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Thanks for the link to the source code repository. I was unable to find a lookup-table within the code. However it looks like the lookup-code is located here.
I had a look at the LineageOS repository of the Dialer, but also found no answer.