Photo journal app

Hi - I’ve been trawling through and other sources but I have yet to find what I need. I’m a landscape artist, and whilst out and about I take photos with my phone and would like to append written notes to those photos (about atmosphere, light, composition etc). It would be great if I could also sync this to my Mac but that’s not a deal breaker. I’m wondering if any of the built in apps can do this or if I need to continue my search? Until I left iPhone for /e/ I was using ‘Day One’ which does what I need perfectly, but none of the journaling type apps I’ve seen for Android seems to do what I want.

I would also be happy with attaching an audio note to a photo.

I’m frequently in areas with zero phone signal so an online app wouldn’t work. Any ideas? Thanks

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For others who might be wanting to do the same thing, I’m trialing using Signal Messenger for this. Signal has a useful feature called ‘Note to self’. Using this I can take a photo and make a note, and it syncs between my Mac and my phone. It’s working out well so far.

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