Photo's stopped syncing?

Hi everyone,
Not sure on what side of the equation this is going wrong, but for some reason the photo’s stopped syncing to me /e/ cloud. Happened 13 days ago, could be triggered by the update to 0.17 Does anyone know how to debug this?


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I have this same problem. I can vaguely remember that there was some sort of maintenance yesterday or today. Maybe it had to do something with it? Hope it will be fixed soon though!

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You can try to :

  • connect to WiFi
  • reboot your phone
  • still on WiFi, remove /e/ account from phone and add it back again
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I even factory resetted my phone yesterday. Now I still have to sync my mail to my phone and hope it works from then on.

I can report ( e 0.15-q- ) that my email changed to “Syncing disabled” (from my inbox history it must have changed 8th or 9th July). Refresh works fine. Email > Settings look to be all unchanged by me.

Edit, 8 hours later. I took a few minutes to uninstall my (Settings > Accounts > /e/ ) ecloud account and reinstall it. Email sync reported disabled in Mail app. Go though all settings, I do see the splash screen below, as usual, in Account Manager, I check all settings are at recommended. I switched Account Manager > Settings > Security > Distrust system certificates to ON - away from recommended ( see a brief flash to tell me copy certificates are removed). I manually sync a few items (swift, no obvious issue). Email sync still reported disabled in Mail app.

Soft reset the phone with very long press power button. Manually sync Mail app. Now the Mail > Accounts “header” reads “Next sync 4 days ago”. As I prepare to give up, Mail and apparently all other syncable apps synchronise.

Return Account Manager > Settings > Security > Distrust system certificates to recommended (that is toggle to off).

Issue seems eliminated for me. Thanks @smu44 :smile:

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