Pi-hole -like unwanted traffic blocker

I would like to have something similar to Pi-hole, that blocks sending telemetry data of apps and ads too. With Pi-hole these known url’s are removed from the dns and the dns is is frequently updated. Perhaps this is exactly what the ad blockers do, I don’t know. I just don’t want to constantly be busy with firewall settings.

Any suggestions on this topic? Perhaps there is already an /e/OS version of pi-hole? I only have very basic knowledge of networking stuff and to be honest I want to keep it that way, because I have so many things going on that I want to focus on. Looking forward to hear what is possible for a non-expert in networking.

Btw. I also use VPN (I don’t know if that makes things more complicated)

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I use NoRoot Firewall (firewall without root) on my other phone. For each app, you can define which websites it is allowed to contact. By blocking the usual suspects (adservice, doubleclick,…) you can achieve pretty much the same functionality as with pi-hole.
Since NoRoot Firewall simulates the filtering through a VPN service, I am not sure if that might not be in conflict when you are a real VPN connection.

All apps (that I know of) that do that pi-hole-style blocking will depend on utilizing the VPN-interface of Android as they use that interface to control all outgoing traffic and filter out / block blacklisted URLs.
If You already use the VPN-interface of the OS for a VPN-service You may only (or: still) use the trackers-blockers function of Advanced Privacy (feature of eOS) for blocking of trackers

(Maybe there´s options for rooted phones that do not depend on the VPN-interface of the OS)

edit: just in case you want to test an app - one example for an app that filters traffic pretty much like pi-hole does is https://blokada.org/ I use it myself and I can recommend it (Version 5, not 6) and I´d say It´s pretty much set it and forget it. It´s free but they even offer a VPN-connection as a paid service as addon/upgrade/whatever. (I am not using that service but mentioning this only to illustrate that there´s possibilities to combine the two tasks in one app/service)
(there are quite a few apps out here that do more or less the same, just slightly different approaches and options)

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have a look at it!

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