Pico TTS quits on laps startup


I juste received my preinstalled S9+ from /e/.
Works mostly fine (well, I’m juste exploring Android, coming from Jolla/SailfishOS), BUT as soon as I start a travel on the Magic laps app, I get a message saying Pico TTS bas quited, and I get no voice directions…

Ils this a known bug, or should I tweak something ?

Thanks un advance

Pl can you check if permission required for the app have been given…Settings>> Apps & notifications >>See all Apps >> Magic earth >> location
If not pl can you enable and check if it is still crashing.


yes, permission is given, and Magic Earth works just fine, except for the voice guidance (hence Pico TTS being the problem).


Actuality I have the same issue. Pico TTS crashes when I use Magic Earth (OsmAnd too), even if the selected voice is a real voice (and not the text-to-speech which use Pico TTS).

When the first “Pico TTS has stopped” shows up, there is nothing to do but reboot the device. Even “Force stop” or try to use Pico TTS directly in Settings > Accessibility > Text-to- speech output won’t make it work, it keeps showing Pico TTS has stopped.

Sadly even if I use a real voice, Pico TTS can crashes for no appearant reason and it cuts the voice when I am driving so I have to look at my screen for every instruction (which is disturbing).

So the only app working properly is… Google Maps :astonished:

(Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 | SM-J500FN | j5nlte)

In the app description it says that Pico TTS is not updated anymore.

Last update was almost a year ago.

It looks it has only a limited number of languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).