Pictures are (sometimes) broken since update to r-1.1

Since the update to r-1.1 release for my 2 emerald T2e i encounter various problems with the cameras.
This happens with the stock camera app (version 1.48.1) as well as OpenCamera 1.50.1.

I’ve messed around with various settings (like en-/disabling Camera2-API) but yet was not able to find the cause.

Issue 1:
Pictures are partial black - this happens only when using the ultra-wide camera

Issue 2:
Picture segments are misaligned. This happened when using DRO mode with the built in camera app.

Everything else seems to work fine so far.

After some fiddling i suspected a relation to the setting “jpeg quality” which i increased from the default (90%) to 95%. But it still happens with this setting back to default.

Additionally i need to add that case 1 (images are partial black i.e. the jpeg is broken) happens for both, the default and the ultra-wide camera.

I’m using the phones internal storage only, no microSD involved.