Pictures uploaded to ecloud, user deleted images on ecloud and then pictures deleted on the device (angry user) (NextCloud app notifications)

Using NextCloud Dev app for months, since the very beginning of using eOS. I have never used the sync feature with the NextCloud and ecloud due to quota limitations. Still, it seems that is active in the background and it is active two-way.

Since some version of the NextCloud Dev app (20220208?), it started to upload the content of the OpenCamera folder to ecloud. I was notified about the reached limit of the quota. I checked the sync settings, no sync was active or set. I deleted the content of the OpenCamera folder on the ecloud server, because it reached the quota and the server space was unusable with the cap. Well, over the days, NextCloud app uploaded my OpenCamera folder several times and I reached the quota several times – I also deleted the uploaded images on the server. I would no guess: NextCloud app also deleted the images on my device, silently. This way I was robed of several months worth images. Now, I see that my OpenCamera folder contains only images from the last two days. These are also on the ecloud server. But quota has not been reached yet, so I was not notified and I was not deleting them yet.

There is still no sync settings active in the NextCloud Dev app. None.

I’m so angry that I lost couple of months worth images, x-mas and birthdays included.

The responsibility of course falls on me: I was using the NextCloud Dev version of the app, I should have archived the content of my device more often. But I see no reason the NextCloud app syncing, if no sync settings has been activated.

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I cannot tell if the /e/-cloud has it enabled, because I do not use it, but Nextcloud has a trashbin feature.
The UI element is usually in the lower left corner in the files view. Maybe you can get something back.

very unfortunate I’m sorry this happened to you. On the first notice that space is scarce it’s natural to go on deleting files.

Is enabling auto-upload a default currently in nextcloud-android Dev?

When nextcloud-android has “one-way sync” on the Auto-upload implemented this would probably safe a user from the sync’ed back deletes, the long thread runs for this runs here: [TOP] Enhance sync folders · Issue #285 · nextcloud/android · GitHub - see the increment levels in the top post

Currently Syncthing can do “send only” and can ignore deletes on the machine with the receiving folder.

Than you @ljahn, but no trashbin has been found on

Dear @tcecyk, no, no auto-upload had been enabled in the app. I checked the settings in the app immediately and a single folder had been offered for auto-upload and that folder was Screenshots. The cloud icon was crossed over and hollow. Since then I removed and reinstalled the NextCloud Dev app. In the auto-upload settings there are plenty of folders (that is a difference to the previous settings), but also no folder is set for auto-upload.

I also archived and backed up the content of my storage and flushed it empty except a few files. I will check on occasional auto-upload of anything.

Does it mean that the NextCloud Dev app has no two-way sync feature available yet and my files had been deleted by another way or app?

not sure, didn’t test myself in a long time either for nextcloud-android or edrive. My expectation is in both remote deletes are replicated locally on-device.

Hey, /e/ OS hast upload build in. Have u checked that. I wrote about my trouble with it in this post.

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I would love to see two way sync on nextcloud. It’s always annoying to delete or move photos twice. For years people are asking for that feature.
As I am not aware that this feature is possible, thanks for your post. So I will be extra careful not to lose any data as you did.

Here is a picture, where the deleted Files should be found. But only files which where deleted on the website will be there. If you delete them on your phone or Laptop it depends on that device. So maybe have a look at the trashbin at that device you deleted the files on.

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It is too late, Deleted files was already empty. Sometimes I deleted the files using the web application, sometimes the NextCloud app itself.

I had to mis-click and I did not activate the Deleted files folder yet. Yeppie! There are over 860 picture deleted and it is offered me to restore them. OK, lets see. I report back on the progress.


Wow, syncing Pictures and videos was ON. I’m sure that this was OFF or not functioning some times ago. Then it is not NextCloud app which uploaded my photos, but it was the eOS itself. And the first sync might have appeared after the last update 0.21-20220114157169.

(When checking for the built number now, I see that there is an update from Jan 22nd waiting to be downloaded. I has been not notified about it. Usually I am.)

The strange issues is that I was notified by NextCloud that it cannot upload anymore to the account. While eOS had sync allowed, maybe the last update repaired it and it started working – NextCloud settings had Auto-uploads all OFF, NextCloud tried to upload and it reported about lack of space. So, I pointed fingers to NextCloud.

Can somebody confirm that eOS internal sync uses NextCloud app for syncing? Edit: @inubu uncovered the answer in their earlier post, see below.

There is no issue related to sync or accounts fixed in 0.21:

But release notes Releases · e / os / releases · GitLab are missing any link to the full list of fixed bugs. The notes are missing Find all the corresponding issues and their MRs on the v0.19 milestone note.

Nope. By default the NextCloud app is not present in e/OS/. Internal sync uses /e/'s own eDrive app.
These are the currently open (and publicly visible) issues in eDrive. Some of them are fixed in the v0.22 builds currently being tested, in which improving eDrive has been a major focus

FWIW, Simple Gallery Pro, available on F-Droid, incorporates a Recycle Bin that allows you to restore images you’ve deleted on the device.

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I could successfully restore some 2.7+GB of photos and videos and other material deleted approximately a month ago. Thank you for your kind help!

I noticed the following:

  • Recovery/restore stopped several times and I had to reselect the item to restore more. First it stopped at filling my eDrive up to 2.5GB (1GB quota). I backed up the eDrive content and cleaned the Files. Then it stopped several times even there were space available.
  • There are still some 38 images deleted 12 days ago (not so long time ago) and those I cannot restore. I reported a bug Cannot restore certain files from eDrive trashbin (#4925) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

I’m still puzzled about the fact that eOS had sync enabled on Pictures, but NextCloud Dev app reported no or little space (or later collisions to resolve) and also NextCloud had no auto-upload enabled.

Found your topic and maybe this information will help:

When sync is “turned off” (it isn’t) sync is in fact turned on for everything.
You have to turn sync on and than turn each option off.

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