PIN code when I want to unblock

Hi all,

since I upgraded /e/OS to 0.17-20210621120947, when I want to unblock my Fairphone 3, I sometimes have to write the PIN CODE. Why? It is already on.


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This makes it sound like you don’t mean a PIN for the screen lock.
So it would be the PIN for the SIM card then?

Occasionally there are reports of spontaneous reboots, that would be a reason why you would be prompted for the SIM card PIN. You could have a look in Settings - About phone - Uptime to see whether a reboot occurred without you noticing.

Exactly, I do not mean a PIN for the screen lock, but the PIN to turn on the mobile phone.

Actually, it happens AS WELL when I have to put the PIN code for the screen lock (I have the mobile in my hands) and, suddenly, it changes the screen and I have to put first the PIN code like if I had reset the phone, although I had not.

When it happens, if I call myself from home phone to my mobile phone, it says I am not available (mobile turned off or out of range.

Is there any way to go back to the previous version?

Many thanks

You could try whether turning off the phone, removing the SIM card and putting it back in does something in that regard.

How old is the SIM card? SIM cards are peculiar, they can degrade and develop problems over time. If you have a different SIM card at hand or if you can borrow one, you could check whether the issue persists with a different SIM card.

It depends on how you got to the current version and on more detail about the current version.
If you simply updated with the Updater in Settings …

If you installed the current version yourself, it would depend on whether you are on Android 9 or 10 now, and whether you are on release channel dev or stable.
All there is to know about this is given in Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version.


It is strange because it started happening when I updated the OS, so I thought it was something related to the new /e/OS version (0.17-20210621120947).

Even stranger: since two/three days ago, it stopped doing this and now the mobile works properly, but I did nothing to fix it.

Anyway, many thanks.

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