Pixel 1 Screen Problem -- Hardware issue or OS?

Hi, recently my Pixel 1 with /e/OS installed (an old build that still allowed VoLTE to work) started to do this.

The screen is intermittently in this grayish, er, pixelated state, and may or may not respond to touch. Or it may go to normal screen, but not respond, or it may respond very slowly. I’ve noticed sometimes that there is haptic feedback from a touch, but the device behaves as if there were not, such as if that touch would normally have kept the screen on, but it turns off. Other times I have noticed it respond to the touch but not display the thing touched, for instance, I have been able to power it off, which requires a touch on the screen at a certain spot, but the popup menu never appeared there.

Does this seem like it’s a hardware problem, software, or maybe both? FYI, the screen was replaced a year ago due to cracking. I’m trying to get another phone setup with /e/ but haven’t decided what to do with this one yet; it was doing fine before this.

Edit: The image above is not displaying correctly. Imagine a generally white screen with lots of tiny colored pixels scattered throughout it.

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