Pixel 4a caller echo issue since Android 13

Pixel 4a sunfish has an audio echo bug on calls since Android 13.

The caller hears a very loud echo back of them speaking.

It is not a network issue, as the same issue occurs with the 3 different networks I use.

Using a wired headset solves the problem, but it’s not an ideal workaround.

There was no issue with Android 12.

Please could you escalate to the Murena/e Google Pixel build team?

Could it be that there’s a difference in the mixer_paths.xml file between Android 12 & 13?

Hope you can fix, thank you,


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Not a fix, but a daily workaround could be installing the simple-composer app from F-droid.

Don’t know it; how - if at all - could it help?

calling without echo awaiting for a fix …