Pixel 4a: Easy Installer installed "dead" Version s-dev. What now?

Hi everyone,
First of all: Thank you to all you guys who help others in this forum, you’re great!

Ten days ago I used the Easy Installer to install /e/OS on my Pixel 4a (and I love it!). The image chosen by the installer was e-1.17-s-20231113351092-dev-sunfish. It works flawlessly, but today, after spending a huge amount of time installing, setting up and customizing everything, I realized that the “s-dev”-branch seems to be dead. Looks like it has been dropped in favour of the “t-dev”-branch and doesn’t receive any more updates. I have no idea why the installer chose this version in the first place, but now I am stuck right after a fresh install.

My question is: What do you guys recommend I do? Switch to stable “r” or to dev “t”?
And, more important: Is there a way to install a new version without losing all data on my phone? Like a dirty install?

Thank you for your help,

Can you boot into the Recocery?

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Yes, it’s the “e-recovery”

I would download a /e/ version from here > Downloads for sunfish
Then move this file to a USB stick and run an installation via e-recovery adb sideload.

oh, I see, you mean it is possible to just dirty flash a different version?

I would first try to make the initial version executable again.

Sorry, we might have a misunderstanding here. I meant “stuck” in the sense that the version I installed will not receive any updates. The phone is booting and working normally. I just want to switch to either “r stable” or “t dev” because “s dev” is dead.
Sorry, I didn’t make that clear enough…

Ah, okay.

“s dev” to “r stable” = not a good idea!
“s dev” to “t dev” = that will work fine.

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Thanks, then I’ll go with t-dev. Can I just dirty flash the new version via adb?

Yes, via adb sideload. Either with PC host machine or directly on the device with USB stick.

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Okay, I’ll definitely try it tomorrow and report back here. Thank you for your help, @Xxpsilon !

It is not always the case, but it is possible from S to T

Also without using adb on a computer,
you can download directly “e-1.19.1-t-dev” in the device internal storage
then reboot to recovery-e and apply the update from internal storage

Installing from USB-stick (need OTG adapter), from SD-CARD, from internal storage is possible without computer, and don’t use adb sideload.
installing via adb sideload is another procedure, that need a computer.
All mentioned methods need to boot the device in the “custom recovery” mode.

Pardon, I mistook “adb sideload” for “Apply Update”.

By the way: The Pixel 4a (sunfish) like other Google Pixel devices, does not have a microSD card slot.

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since I don’t have an OTG-adapter and sideloading from internal memory is not possible with the current version of the e-recovery, I decided to go the adb-sideload-from-PC-way. It seems that everything went well, I followed the install guide, which says:

  1. Press enter key on the keyboard to start the sideloading The screen will show the progress percentage…This might pause at 47%
    >> that happened

  2. Give it some time

  3. The PC console will now display Total xfer: 1.00x
    >> that happened

  4. The phone screen will now display some text with a message similar to
    Script succeeded result was [1.000000]
    >> that didn’t happen, the last message on the phone’s display is:
    step 1/2
    step 2/2
    is that okay? Or do I have to wait longer?

and thank you for your patience, @Xxpsilon and @piero!

hmmm… it’s been an hour now… still stuck at step 2/2… what can I do? Try to sideload again? Simply reboot? Did I miss something?

Sometimes “Script succeeded” is not seen.

Time to go for Reboot now.

If no luck it is worth running the sideload again, no point in waiting more than 3 minutes or so after seeing “success” on the PC.

If this fails I think you will need to sideload the contents of the “recovery and boot img” https://images.ecloud.global/dev/sunfish/ (which first needs unzipping) so that you sideload the contained .zip files.

YESSS!! Thank you @Xxpsilon , @piero and @aibd ! It worked like a charm, now I’m on t-dev and everything’s running smoothly! You’ve been very supportive of a noob like me, great community!

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