Pixel 4A stops at "Das Gerät in den Bootloader neu starten"

Good Morning!
I tried to install sveral times on a Pixel 4A (from Windows 10). But it alwas stops
I find unfortunately not my fault :frowning:

Many thanks for your help!


Log: https://paste.tchncs.de/upload/snail-duck-camel

You were able to Enable OEM unlock in the Developer options under device Settings ?

Your image shows that the phone is locked.

Your log does not include the words lock or unlock.

Easy Installer fails silently on running

C:\Program Files\easy-installer\bin\scripts\reboot-fastboot.bat

I see that reboot-fastboot.bat failing silently is “unknown error”

As part of a workaround you might review the manual instructions https://doc.e.foundation/devices/sunfish/install section

Unlocking the bootloader

and consider unlocking the device manually.

Have you done this before, on this device?
The green text seems to indicate, the device is not unlocked.

@aibd was quicker, didn’t see the post before

Many thanks for your answers! Yes, OEM-Unlock is enabled. I try now the manual instructions. Android 13 is not the problem, or?

Well yes that is a problem, I think.

Generally one cannot use /e/ to Downgrade Android version. It is unknown to me whether Easy Installer has access to the vendor components to allow the change of Android version. The Easy Installer introduction gives no warning of this potential hazard.

Note also that for sunfish Easy Installer will install Android 11 (R)

For downgrading Android version on a Pixel, Google suggests the web based https://flash.android.com/welcome. Not everyone would be happy or able to run this on their PC browser, here is a forum search for Android flash tool. There are other more “expert” methods.

At this point (Post 2, Installation screenshot) I had to go to the device manager and add the driver for the Pixel, after which I was able to install Android 11. Now I can finally move on. Thanks for the help!

Great to hear that the Android version downgrade of sunfish was not an issue for you and that you did not allow yourself to be sidetracked by my words of potential doom.

For the benefit of the next person who faces a downgrade of Android version on this device reported launched in August 2020 I wonder if you can share the Vendor Security Patch Level currently showing in /e/OS at Settings > About phone > Android version.

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