Pixel 4a/sunfish - no stable version anymore?

Hello team.
Quick question. I have a Pixel 4a (sunfish) running. The device got stable releases until recently, but the stable branch seems to have disappeared.

No stable anymore? Why? What does that mean? Will it come back?
Thanks for clarification.

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For your device, Android 13 seems to be available only on dev branch: https://doc.e.foundation/devices/sunfish


HI @ralxx stable builds are for devices we sell on our Murena Store. We do not sell the sunfish . The /e/OS T builds are available on the dev branch. Also I am told that the easy installer flashes the dev build for this device.For now there will be no stable builds for the sunfish.

Hm, I actually purchased a sunfish device just because there was a stable build available for this device - and it was for a year and a half (although the 4a was never a device sold in Murena store). It would be really good to have more transparency and communication about such kind of decisions (such as device depreciation).

This is really extremely disappointing.

@Manoj, I had another look to the device list: Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL are listed with both, a stable and a dev version, although Murena seems not to sell them. Will they loose their ‘stable’ status as well?

That is the plan moving ahead. Only devices sold on the Murena Shop will get stable builds. The dev builds are equally good. I agree there should be more transparecy about the dropping of the stable tag. The information that only devices on the murena shop get stable builds was already know. All devices we sell will continue getting stable builds.

So please put communications on your priority list - up front communication.

Don,'t lat users with the surprise that the (security) updare stream of their OS may has ended long time ago and in silence.

On the subject of communications / documentation I noticed a part of this problem (the undocumented move from stable to dev in sunfish and other devices) from forum users’ errors being seen on Easy Installer.

I created Easy Installer always delivers Stable build ? - No, sometimes dev #7645. I see no action or assignee.

Will it be possible to move from the discontinued stable build to a dev build without losing all user-installed apps and data? Either via an official ‘upgrade’, or by insaling rom the command line? If not, that is not a very friendly way to treat your customers :frowning:

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I apologize for the lack of advance information on the switch to dev on the sunfish. I was made aware of this last week and made the changes in the documentation of removing the stable links a couple of days back. The fact that the EasyInstaller can flash the dev build is a change which requires to be added / edited in existing documentation. Have been discussing the issue with the developers this week. Am also checking if this Easy Installer modification to flash dev builds will be made possible across more devices.


I have read a statement from Manoj before that switching from ‘stable’ to ‘dev’ is not supported, thats my memory on that.

Since I wanted to see myself how that experience might be, I backed up and went for it. Really hoping it would work since setting up a new device would have been a pain (I have just done that a couple of months before)

Here is how I did it:

I did not experience any issues with the switch since then, apps (mostly banking) which didn’t work on R ‘stable’ worked with T ‘dev’.

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