Pixel 4a5G update to eOS 1.5S or 1.6S, anyone?

Has anyone taken the jump from eOS 1.5r to 1.5s or 1.6s yet, if so what are your impressions?

Somewhere along the line I think at 1.5r I lost notifications icons. For instance when a call is missed there is no phone on the green phone icon, same when I get a Signal message no notification on the signal icon.

I guess first question on this second question is there a setting I have to toggle to turn these notifications back on? If so is this an eOS feature or an Android feature?

I’m tired tonight and I think I will take the plunge to 1.6s tomorrow, I will report what I find then, unless someone has something to say. I know I should have asked sooner but I can be guinea pig this time :slight_smile:

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I am using a Pixel 3a and I had the opposite effect. When I updated my phone, I started getting dot notifications on apps, where I hadn’t before updating. My phone has run pretty smooth since updating, about the same as before. I don’t know if this helps, but that’s my experience on my Pixel.

Hi Dave,

Updated your 3a from what version to what from what version? Like 1.5 to 1.6r or s?

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From 1.5 to 1.6 R. I tried the S and it worked fine but i just like the R build better.

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When you updated did you just use OTA or a fresh install where you formatted the phone?

I did the OTA. I really can’t tell much of a difference except the notification dots working now.

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So I updated to 1.6s and it worked for a few minutes until I tried to manual change the Weather widget location, at which time Biss crashed with a flickering screen.

I rolled back to e1.6r and installed my back-up. All is well again and my icon notification work again.