Pixel 4XL "support" lifespan

I am completely brand new to /e/OS , please forgive any incorrect terminology or assumptions I may make/use.

I have a Google Pixel 4 XL that I want to breathe new life into. Its currently running Android 13 as supplied by Google in October 2022.

I am very interested in migrating over to /e/OS but I have a few questions please.

  1. I note that the 4 XL is in the “Dev” group and not “Stable”. You don’t recommend “Dev” builds to be used as a daily driver.
    So, will I bring hellfire to myself if I pursue using a 4 XL with /e/OS?

  2. My primary reason for switching to /e/OS is to attain an up-to-date security level for the Android version that would be installed. I seek core OS security over functionality, so being a version behind in OS is not an issue for me.
    How long are builds/devices maintained within /e/OS?

  3. Do i assume correctly that you are dependent on Lineage supporting a device to be able to support it under /e/OS?

  4. I note that /e/OS 1.14 is currently being rolled out with Android 13, is that correct?

  5. How do I find out how many users have already attempted to use my combination of device and /e/OS ?

Apologies again, I have looked through so much information and have become bumfuzzled :-;

Kind Regards

  1. dev/stable: the dev group are the test group until something gets a stable release. The recommendation holds true, but having used dev builds for 3 years, there’s rarely a bullet to catch. So: no hellfire. As /e/ delivery model for the App updates centers on the version-tagged Android branch, disruption in “dev” mostly comes from App updates or when firmware gets updated - not Android core components.
  2. Lineage has weekly builds. /e/ has (a bit less than) monthly builds - so it will lag. To manage expectations: users rightly lament the browser + webview update cadence in /e/. Efforts went into being quicker, but didn’t come to fruition yet. A major disadvantage is the delivery method for core Apps being the version-tagged device images. I’d checkout all major ROMs what fits your preference best.
    As the pixel4a “flame” will stop getting firmware updates by Qualcomm, you’ll get ASB patchlevels for the Android core components in most ROMs, just on a different schedule, but all will be without firmware (modem, sensors…) fixes soon. /e/ will very likely build as long as Lineage will if not longer.
  3. mostly correct as in Lineage has the device repositories: but for partner devices /e/ is selling they might have other channels
  4. Android 13 T is all test builds not yet public. When people return from holidays I’d expect dev releases in September - there’s a weekly development-updates post by Manoj to keep everyone updated
  5. good question - forum-search is a good start and manufacturer have a forum sub-category. Advice can be dated though when 2 years old.

Re 3.
/e/OS builds on the LineageOS code, but modifies it considerably. The e-development team has proven several times that they can support devices for much longer, even after Lineage stopped supporting them. However, this is highly dependent on the availability of manpower (“we do have developer bandwidth issues”).

Re 4.
Currently there is no official /e/OS ‘T’ / 20.0 aka Android 13. /e/OS 1.14 will ship with ‘S’ / 19.1 aka Android 12 at most.

Until the planned delivery of /e/OS ‘T’ in 9/2023, you can gain first experiences with custom ROMs by installing LineageOS 20.0 for MicroG, for example. The change to /e/OS ‘T’ V1.15 will then be very easy in September 2023.

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A long overdue thank you to those that answered.
It has only taken 5 months but my Pixel 4 XL is now an /e/os phone as of today :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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