Pixel 6 not seeing 5G in an area that the coverage map indicates is densely covered

Title pretty much covers it. I’m brand-new to /e/OS, I love it so far but the coverage on Consumer Cellular, (which is ATT network) is poor. The selection menu under networks only shows LTE networks for CC, “CC MicroCell” and “CC Network (forbidden)”.

Is this a problem I can fix, or is 5G not a thing yet for /e/OS?

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Okay, more information here - I was mistaken that the coverage was poor, it doesn’t use the mobile network at all. I’m thinking APN is the culprit here and have started to test with that, I will update this thread if that turns out to be a solution.

Try keying this into keypad: “##4636##” less the quotes. This forum won’t let me post that correct it’s star pound start pound 4636 pound start pound star.

Is the phone set to have NR (and other modes) ON?

Or in Setting search type: Preferred network type and see what the setting is should be 5G. Also insure VoLTE is ON and Mobile Data ON.

Thanks for this, but it was actually much simpler and (as I suspected) was just user error. I didn’t have any APN selected. Once I selected the matching Consumer Cellular APN for LTE (there isn’t one for 5G), it immediately started using the mobile network.

It may not be 5G, but it works fine for me and I have a lot of WiFi coverage in my day - so while this isn’t technically a solution I think it is good enough for my purposes.

Keep in mind if you do have 5th generation coverage (5G) the data speeds are much faster so that a good reason to use 5G NR.

Thanks, I’ll make a note of that - let me get comfortable with it and once I feel froggy I’ll revisit this.