Pixel 6a 'bluejay' not yet supported?

I just tried to install /e/os using the easy installer, however the final result was that the phone isn’t supported yet? Is that correct?

A couple of comments.

Snap packages are what they are, they screw with SE Linux on Fedora constantly, Snapcraft forces the user to accept cookies (not cool for users looking for more privacy, not less). Why no flatpak?

I see some posts to the forum looking for recovery images. Why not refer to google’s site: https://flash.android.com/

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Yes the list of Easy Installer supported devices is here https://doc.e.foundation/easy-installer#list-of-devices-supported-by-the-easy-installer.

Always worth bearing in mind Open Android Installer (83 devices today) https://openandroidinstaller.org/supported-devices.html, but bluejay is not there either.

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