Pixel 7 Panther - Bugs? 1.17 dev build

A few things I’ve noticed. One is that the system does not always connect to my bluetooth speaker (UE Boom 2). Sometimes it will sometimes it won’t. My Pixel 5 on 1.15 also exhibited this issue (along with a bunch of other bluetooth issues). Also on the Pixel 7 I’m noticing that a bluetooth keyboard connected sometimes causes a blanked out screen when selecting a text box to type into (QKSMS and Telegram FOSS for sure, I don’t often use the keyboard in other apps).
Not sure if this is an OS issue or not, but a couple other issues seem to exist. 1) Media audio while connected to bluetooth disappears randomly and won’t come back unless I reboot (disconnect and reconnect don’t fix it). 2) Running AdGuard as a proxy, some applications won’t access data any longer where I don’t have this problem on another device running near AOSP (a Motoorola device). I started running AdGuard on the device when I found out that AdAway was working intermittently at best despite systemless hosts being enabled in Magisk.
Any insight appreciated!

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