Pixel customisation Popup - odd?

Hey folks :slight_smile:

First id like to apologise, if this is the wrong category im posting in :slight_smile:
I was amazed by the job and vision of fairphone and the e foundation so Ive recently joined community by buying a Fairphone 3 with /e/ os preinstalled. So far very good :slight_smile:

But a certain time after upgrading to the last stable 0.13 release of 7th of December 2020, if I remember correctly, in settings a popup showed up, which introduced me to the new customize options of designs and backgrounds on the Pixel phone.

That was very odd to me, since the aim is degoogeling the phone.
Is my fair phone thinking its a google pixel ? :frowning:

Help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Do you use the Pixel Launcher by any chance?

Hey, no the phone is literally brand new - just the default /e/ launcher and no custom changes made. Thats why this seems odd. Haven’t added any google apps.

Weird …
I can’t reproduce that right now, since the pop up is gone.
I did some research on the internet and that popup is (on Pixel Phones) leading to the Background and Customization app, which is installed also on /e/ OS.

I was just worried, of there is Google Code somewhere stuck in the OS.
That would exceed my knowledge of /e/ os, so I can’t judge that.

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Could you take a screenshot next time you see something like this? Having the exact message helps a lot to debug these things.

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Hey, sure, I can do that - missed that at the moment it occured, to be honest :frowning:

But if you type in on your favourite search engine “customize your pixel” and hit pictures, people have done screenshots of that on their pixel phones. That is the exact text popped up. In German of course, but the position and style of the popup is the same :slight_smile: