Pixel Failed Update Stuck in Recovery WTD?

So have a Pixel 3A that I had e-1.16-s-20231020342893-dev-sargo running.
The update kept popping up and I said - go ahead and try it. On reboot it failed.
Would LOVE not to have to factory reset and loose data on phone.

Searched Failed Updates. Many different “do this”
One mentioned TWRP and dual boot. Select other slot… Wasn’t clear about that.
So posting here while I do more research.

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How exactly did it fail?

Hard to picture it. Were you able to boot again to the old version?

The update installed and on reboot it went into Recovery.
Evidentially it was corrupted. I could not get past bootloader.
In Recovery I did try to ADB sideload the update. Same
And then I tried the version I had installed and working. Same.
I gave up and Factory Reset and put the known working version on.

Luckily not to much lost. 1 or 2 new contacts and some pictures.
I will get back into the habit of using MPE to back up phone regularly.