Pixel4a sunfish, Easy installer

Hello, yesterday i installed /e/os on a Google Pixel 4a (sunfish, Android 13) with easy Installer. The installer has installed v1.17, is that normal or is something wrong ? Thanks and greetings

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what do you find in → settings → system updater

Did you ger R ‘stable’ or T ‘dev’? From not having bootloops or any other problems I guess T ‘dev’

Thank you, it is
/e/OS 1.17-s-20231113351092-dev-sunfish

Thanks, I installed it with the Easy Installer, it was all automatic, I didn’t have to select anything

We have been anticipating a fix to this https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/7144 and a number of other Easy Installer issues.

Did your Easy Installer window show v-0.21 in the top of the window ?

This aimed will aim to fix a specific part current issues but I have a feeling we have to wait for the next release to add the fix for https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/7645 where (not actually mentioned in this issue “latest” is intended to load true latest, that is to include the Android 13 (T) build where available.

Android 13 (T) is for sunfish as a dev or (new classifiction) community build https://images.ecloud.global/dev/sunfish/

As this is a dev build your System updater will not offer you what will require manual Android version Upgrade.

The S → T manual Android version upgrade is the subject of a number of forum posts, I will link this Feedback for v1.20 - #240 by aibd

You might next explore the functionality of your e-Recovery, to check its ability to install a new /e/OS version from a location to which you can navigate.

If this is feasible you should be able to download to and use e-Recovery to install e-1.20-t-20240223382228-dev-sunfish.zip from that location

Thank you, Easy Installer v-0.20.1 ( Ubuntu snap )

I have not explored the exact state of Easy Installer at v0.20.1 but your experience tends to support the idea of an improvement but “partial fix”.

I will try it next week and let you know then, thanks to all the helpers and have a nice weekend. :+1:

I have now installed lineage Os and sold the phone. Thanks and best regards.