Planed file removal? Or dealing with Signal daily backups

Hello All

My daily Signal backups are sent to /e/drive, in two steps:

  • Signal creates a daily backup on my phone
  • Nextcloud client sends the file to /e/drive (/e/drive sync would do the same job by configuring the backups in e.g. /Documents)

I’d like to make this sync only once a week. Because it creates useless and big files on my phone and on the cloud.

But I have not found turnarounds to the following:

  • Signal backups are on-demand or planned daily
  • Signal backups have a timestamp (which prevent a daily overwrite of the backup file)
  • Nextcloud sync cannot be planned in, say, on a weekly basis (which would avoid to send useless backups to /e/cloud, but not solve the accumulation of backup files locally).

Any idea or suggestion would be very appreciated :slight_smile: