Plantage appli Google Play et Revolut / Crash Google Play app and Revolu

Bonjour à tous. J’ai acheté le mobile S9 avec l’os /e/ installé. J’ai téléchargé les appli Google Play et Revolut qui ne fonctionne pas !!! REVOLUT est une neo-banque, comme N26 par exemple, qui permet de payer par téléphone comme Google Pay et Apple Pay. Pour Google Play il y a un rectangle blanc et ça mouline sans arrêt. Pour Revolut une “pop-up” m’indique : “pour utiliser cette fonctionnalité veuillez mettre à jour l’application avec la dernière version” mais y a pas d’updates possible !? Rencontrez-vous ce problème avec ces applis ? Merci !

Problème résolu - Merci à @Manoj. Ca ne marche pas parceque “/ e / a supprimé la plupart des codes associés à Google du système d’exploitation.”
Voici les explications pour les novices comme moi pour utiliser l’app REVOLUT :
J’ai installé l’application F-Droid via le store de /e/ mais je n’ai pas trouvé l’app REVOLUT;
Alors DANS l’application F-Droid j’ai recherché l’application Aurora Store que j’ai installé. J’ai choisi le profil Anonyme et j’ai pu uploader l’application Revolut qui me permet de payer avec mon téléphone !

Good morning all. I bought the S9 mobile with the bone / e / installed. I downloaded the Google Play and Revolut apps which do not work !!! REVOLUT is a neo-bank, like N26 for example, which allows you to pay by phone like Google Pay and Apple Pay. For Google Play there is a white rectangle and it grinds constantly. For Revolut a “pop-up” tells me: “to use this functionality please update the application with the latest version” but there are no updates possible !? Are you having this problem with these apps? Thank you !

Problem solved - Thanks to @Manoj. It doesn’t work because “/ e / has removed most of the codes associated with Google from the operating system.”
Here are the explanations for novices like me to use the REVOLUT app:
I installed the F-Droid application via the / e / store but I did not find the REVOLUT app;
So IN the F-Droid application I looked for the Aurora Store application that I installed. I chose the Anonymous profile and I was able to upload the Revolut application which allows me to pay with my phone!

Hi @fabriceolivo,
/e/ has removed most of the Google related code from the OS. As such Google Play will not work on the /e/OS. To download applications you can use the default Apps store which comes with the OS. In case you want a larger range of applications or are facing issue with some of the applications downloaded from the Apps installer Download and use FDroid or Aurora Store.

OK @Manoj thanks a lot. I found it odd that Google Pay was in the store of / e / :wink:

Hi @fabriceolivo Not only Google Pay a lot of apps are there which will not work or should not be there in the first place. My personal view is that we seriously need to regulate the content on App Installer. Most of them landed there because our users requested for them.
There are some modifications being made to the App and should be available in future versions.

good evening Manoj I am a novice and a little lost. is it better to download an application via Aurora, F-Android or the native store of / e /? I bought a phone with the / e / system already installed. thank you Fabrice

It’s not a really important where you download them.

But Aurora and F-Droid will show that an update is available quicker than the /e/ Apps store. And sometimes in the /e/ Apps store some apps aren’t updated for weeks/months, we don’t know why.

So if I were you I would install F-Droid, then from F-Droid download Aurora Store.
FYI, an app installed from F-Droid can’t be updated with Aurora Store and vice versa so don’t be surprised if one day you see that an installation has failed.

But of course if you feel like you don’t need one of these stores, just don’t use it :slight_smile:

Hi @fabriceolivo the /e/App installer has some issues with providing upto date builds of the apks.This is only in the case of some apps but again it cannot be pre determined which download will work or not work. The developers are working on upgrading the code.
For now you can use FDroid or Aurora Store to download applications you want.