Play Store icon in Pie?

Hi! I have been struggling the whole day to update my Mi A1 from Oreo to Pie and apparently, although I lost all the apps and data (most relevant data were backed up though) in the proccess, I managed to make the upgrade. However, I have found the Play Store icon in my screen, some folders with Google in the name, and some applications crash after showing a message regarding Google Play Store (see screenshots attached). Is that normal or did I make something wrong?

Hi, the last time I saw this issue, the user installed /e/ over LineageOS with Google Apps without wiping the data partition.

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Well, I follow the steps from here but I have to confess that I was following instructions without having much idea about what I was doing and looking for roundabouts when I got stuck. So, in which step should I wipe the data partition?

If you don’t have any data to keep :

Go into TWRP > Wipe > Advanced Wipe > select “data” > Repair or Change File System > Change File System > ext3 > swipe to confirm.
Re-do the same thing but select “ext4” instead of “ext3”.

TWRP > Reboot > System.

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It worked! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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