Please add regional mbank app

I would like to see “sk.mbank” in apps. And also for friends from PL or CZ there is “cz.mbank” and “pl.mbnak”.

There is “eu.eleader.mobilebanking.bre” but it is different app.

thank you very much

I did forgot to mention that I did try to request app in apps. I did request “sk.mbank” but I did get answer that is is already available or has been requested. Sorry, but from that answer I am not sure what to expect.

Hi, to ask for an app :

In the Apps Store, go to Settings and Request an app, and enter the codename of the app.

Edit : I did it for you and the app has already been requested or is already available.

After being requested, an app is added 3 days later but for bank apps, maybe it’s more complicated… I don’t know.

Try to download it from Aurora Store :