Please Change Post History - Deleting Posts and Allow Deleting Private Messages

Can I delete private messages?

I only see an Archive button is all…


Another Subject I forgot to mentiion, even this Forum feels like a Data Collecting Big Corporate place.

If you edit a post, there is now a Post History for everyone to see.

If you delete a Post, again, the Post History is there for everyone to see.

/e/ Please fix these, so when we delete posts, they are gone, or if we edit posts, there is no history, and allow us to delete our private messages.


This is NOT /e/ fault. This is due to the forum itself whih is build like this.
Go to iodé for example or F-Droid it’s the same.

It’s about transparency.
This is a public forum, replies are public, corrections have a history and that’s it.

Again, you can ask to delete a post completely, re-edit it etc.

The basic rules are set up that way, and I think it suits most people (I hope so :wink: )

And most of all there is this:

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