Please deactivate number search

In my phone app on my new /e/-S8 I’ve seen, that the search functions (forward and backwards) are activated. On an /e/ phine I think it should be default that these are deactivated, right?

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Mhm ??? What do you mean. Could you pls share screenshots or some mire details ?

“Phone number lookup” in Phone app settings.
Forward & reverse lookup may be activated by default.

This has been raised as a bug here …you can add your comments

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I think it was supposed to be deactivated already some time back

Yes looks like a regression

good that my phone app doesn’t have any access to data network :slight_smile:

Interesting. Some pointers? I don’t use my phones as phones, mostly as mini computers. In any single billing period I might barely have 5 minutes talk time. I don’t call anyone and no one calls me (except for job emergencies).
You have it blocked via firewall or…?

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no, via setup. Since pie, you can restrict the mobile data access for earch app (but I think you know that way :wink: )

Oh, that’s right. Sometimes I forget these things. Thank you sir. /e/OS Pie is my first Pie actually. Still seeing how it does things compared to older versions.

second time today I remember you for something :joy:

Manoj understood me right and linked to the “bug” with status “doing”.
So I’m looking forward to this new “feature” and my question is answered. Thank you!

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