Please explain Gallery to me

Hi, to back up my photos to photos app on my Mac, I copied DCIM folder to the Mac and imported the pictures. I deleted all the pictures in DCIM on the phone (so I can delete the pictures I don’t want on the Mac, and wont import them as new items in future).
But timeline and Albums are still full of photos. Where are they stored?


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“Please explain Gallery to me”

Gallery just displays photos that are located on either the internal storage drive or the external SD card. (In the same way, on your computer, an image browser just displays what’s stored in your Pictures folder(s), or your music player software pulls in your stored music files.)

For Albums, these images are embedded in your digital music files, so they get pulled in automatically, unless you remove all the album covers from your individual music albums.

For Timeline, I don’t know where those come from if you’ve deleted the source files, unless they’re temporary files. Have you rebooted since you deleted all the images?

Hoping this adds to @Taurus reply …

Gallery displays Albums, via built in Android shortcuts, as (approximately) “any folder containing images”.

DCIM is (generally) a folder containing folders; so it is not an Album itself.

Inside are the “folders containing images”, these will be Albums.

In the Files app on my device inside “Internal storage”/DCIM I see OpenCamera and others … on the SD card DCIM also exists – it contains Test Album 1 and Test Album 2 …inside “Internal storage”/Pictures I see Screenshots, Screenshot, Telegram.

I explain it like this for you to compare my Gallery image below with your Album view to help you pinpoint where the images might be. If you have or had some backups or backup software this might generate other folders.


Thanks, I just assumed all photos would be stored in DCIM, but pictures are also stored in pictures folder with most being in thumbnail sub folder.

The Gallery app displays all images on your phone even the ones you do not want to see like album art and social media images.

If you install ‘Simple Gallery Pro’ from f-droid or the App lounge you can exclude folders.