Please help with installation. Recovery files won't mount or unzip for OnePlus 7T Pro

I’m trying to do a fresh install and the provided .img Recovery files will not open, mount or unzip by any program that I try… Tried right clicking in Linux Mint and selecting ‘Mount image’, opening in Archive Manager, creating a mount via terminal and downloading various other bits of software to resolve the issue. I have checked the SHA256 Sums so the download is as intended.

My verbose description of the installation journey is here. It’s long and I grew frustrated, skip to the end!

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Maybe just wait for the required files to be published. As an image, and for others encountering the problem from

For a rather technical workaround please checkout An alternate method to get the partitions Week 42, 2023: Development and Testing Updates and be sure to adjust the commands to extract the files you need for your build.

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Thanks, but I would have no idea how long that might mean waiting… hours/days/months…

Anyway, I’ve done it. My second /e/ install, 4 years apart. It was not easy and made harder by the instructions being out of date about this whole issue. I’ve provided step by step feedback on the instructions from a nooby perspective. Now I must get on with my life!

Thanks again for the reply.

I’ve also made suggestions on git??? to the workaround instructions which seem to be wrong.

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