Please rename /e/ to something pronounceable & searchable



Name could be e-mos, coming from Eelo Mobile OS. This way you can keep and everything starting with ‘e-’ (like the tag ‘e-roadmap’ on this topic).

emos is the plural of emo, which thefreedictionary describes as:

A variant of punk music in which the lyrics are highly personal to the performer and address emotional issues.

In this case we intend it to mean:

A variant of mobile operating system in which the code are highly optimized to the user and address privacy issues.

And it refers to emotional, which the thought of having a fully privacy-respecting mobile OS makes me :slight_smile:


Here are other ideas:
• mobs for mobile operating best system.
• degmos for degoogled mobile operating system
• osmond or osmund: OS for os and mond origine is mundr(mundr: Scandinavian means protection). M for mobile U for unity/unify, N for network D for degoogling or data (protection)


Personally, I think the name is great and would prefer it staying /e/.


As mentioned before the findability of /e/ is just bad. On DDG I do not get hits for ‘/e/’ (well, wikipedia at no. 5) and even ‘/e/ mobile’ (0 hits in first page), ‘/e/ os’ (no. 2, this is ok-ish). Should really indeed type ‘e mobile os’ (first place), and if some other site takes ‘Mobile OS’ in their title you might be from 1st spot again. The slashes - though a nice find - are unwieldy. And also in spoken language it is not comfortable to use it, imho.


reproducing my comments from above…


Thanks, I overlooked your comment. Do you intend to brainstorm the name internally? You could make it a community contest…

A proper name for /e/

We thought about the community contest but the problem is that a name has to be legally available.
Try this. Type any Os name you can think of and search the net and invariably there is an OS somewhere already by that name!!! Just to give an example I had helped create the wiki page for /e/ at . As part of the setting on the page I, as the creator would get an email notification every time an operating system page on wiki linked to the page for /e/. Every day I got a minimum of 25- 50 emails from all corners of the world. By the time the count reached 1000 I disabled the notification as my inbox was getting clogged!!!
May be it has no users or installations but there is some web page with that name. In brief the proper way is to present the name to a legal authority which then blocks it for a period of six months - this varies for different regions ( US , Europe etc) If at the end of the period there is no challenge to the name then you can declare it out. Not that there will not be issues after the block period. You can still expect someone from some corner of the world to throw a legal challenge.
We burnt our fingers once with ‘eelo’ and want to be extra cautious this time.


Fully understandable and thank you for explaining. You might want to close this topic then too, or people (like me) will continue suggesting names and complaining about findability (you could also add ‘staff color’ to your post just now, and mark as ‘solved’).


I pronounce it “slash ee slash”

Hey guy, you should install slash ee slash.


:slight_smile: wow that is one scary name!


With Duckduckgo in Brazil, it doesn’t show but with you change the region for Argentina, Bulgaria, Colombina, Catalunha, China, France, United Kingdom…it’s the first result when you type /e/ mobile os. Even using Google I got it.
But I also am expecting to see what will come up about this matter.


The name should be searchable by itself, not just ‘%name% mobile os’!


For sure, /e/ is a terrible name… Can you tell us when the legal post-pone will be over ?


The new name will be announced together with the release of V1 of the operating system. The devs are working hard to achieve this as soon as possible.


This is delightful to know! Any chance this is coming during next month?


The team is working to get it out at the earliest possible. No ETA’s.


Ow man i cant wait! So if u donate money now, will u still get eelo stickers/sweaters, etc. Or will everything be put on hold and sent once the new name had come out?


hi @Eelo , if you donate today, you’ll get stickers or sweaters with the “/e/” logo. We can’t use “eelo” anymore per the reasons mentionned above.


Sorry i meant if u order stickers or sweaters now, will u het thema with /e/ on them or with the new name.


Hi @Eelo, as mentionned in my previous comment, all our goodies are currently coming with the /e/ logo. We haven’t finalized the new naming, nor its implementation on our goodies.