Please rename /e/ to something pronounceable & searchable

Please rename this project sooner rather than later. At present it is 66% unpronounceable and 99% unsearchable. No one can find a project called /e/ in a search engine and within my own password manager I am even having difficulty finding the accounts associated with /e/. Please rename, don’t wait for coming out of beta, modern products never get out of beta anyway, just rename now.


The devs already said, that they will announce a new name together with the first stable release:


I’m surprised to see how fast it’s gotten very searchable from search engines. Try “/e/” for instant suggestions, or “/e/ mobile os”. I guess that single /e/ search will appear high ranked once we get enough backlinks… The biggest remaining issue with this name in my opinion is that you cannot search /e/ in the URL field in a browser because this way is considered as a file path.


I wonder what evil search engine you are using to get relevant results, but duckduckgo, startpage and ecosia don’t find anything about /e/. :wink:



However, realistically 80% people will search using google so it needs to be considered.


I’m talking / requesting to change the OS name since the rename from eelo to /e/. It’s abolute worst to have one letter with two slashes as an name. The new name should be announced asap. That’s what I think and all “Lineage” in the rom should also be renamed. Because it’s not good when people finding folders or files wich have the name “lineage…”

More an more people are leaving google search, here the result of qwand for /e/ mobil os

and that’S the result searching /e/ on duckduckgo


Thank you for the right search command, working from another computer this is what I found today:

As @GaelDuval 's post shows if you try the search with /e/ mobile OS you get results …check screenshots below.
But then agree that it narrows the search criteria a bit. Once we have a proper name this issue should be resolved.





Indépendamment des considérations techniques, la réussite d’un projet est tributaire du nom qui est lui même lié aux contraintes marketing.
Le nom doit être simple, mémorable, facile à écrire et être proche (très difficile à réaliser) du contenu de ce qu’il décrit.
Slash, (espace?), e minuscule, slash cela ressemble à une communauté marginale de geeks comme il en existe tant.
Oui, je rejoins complètement l’idée qu’il faut changer d’appellation.


Remember all… a name was choosen : eelo that can’t be used anymore…
Let’s time choose another one…
Don’t be in a hurry every thing Will be fix on right time…
For me /e/ looks like : e is a face of a person rising his two arms and hands symbolised by // in sign or achievement of retreiving his datas ownership… :smiley:

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:grin::grin: Just wanna point out that things could start very quickly. Changing the name goes then much harder…

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I think the real problem with this name is the “/” at the beginning because most of the browser have an ( horrible ) unified address/research bar ( at least by default ). This means that every on who will search “/e/” will see the page will see the page shown by @harvey186
However, I don’t have any idea for a new name. Maybe something like “e-os” can be used in addition to /e/ in the keywords on the website and as the name and “/e/” can stay as the logo.

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Your tip on the exact term for searching /e/ is well hidden in this here thread. Interested people get the advice on how to search only after and if they could manage to find it without having this piece of information. That is is a good thing, if you intend to set up a puzzle. Otherwise it is just illogical, isn’t it?


As you may be aware the name /e/ is a temporary placeholder.
We have registered a TM but there is a legal requirement where we have to wait before announcing it.
Given that we already had an issue with the name ‘eelo’ (you can read about it here we are being cautious this time around in publicly declaring the name before completing all the necessary legal formalities.
We should be able to announce the name for the Os soon.


I did not know that a new name is already on its way, but had the feeling that the matter might be postponed too much. If I had known I would have kept quiet. I had taken the impression from the answers of the officials obbove, that they understimated this name as beeing an unnecessary barrier for people with an interest in /e/. Thank you!


New versionning name appear since a week…

eel 0.5-201902…

It’s seem to be the right time now for new name isn’t it @GaelDuval :wink: ?

Bye bye eelo, hello eel oh!


Let’s speculate on the new name. What it will be? :wink:

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Anyhow, it’s absolutely impossible to spread around, i’m trying since many weeks but nobody cares because they already stuck on first layer : its name.

e ? slash e slash? ill? heel? Hill ? whats’ that ? I’m not interested by your new geek’s toy

By the way, they can’t find anything on Internet about it. With Eelo it was easy.

Let’s build a list, a poll, ask community, to get feelings, how it sounds from many nationalities


Maybe eegloo - to stick with the concept of using pretty much the same letters as G%§$e. Also an image comes to mind of a cosy shelter keeping you safe from a cold privacy-unfriendly world.