"plussed" Fairphone 3

Fairphone did start shipping the new camera modules. I will receive them both today or tomorrow.

Question: what would then be the best procedure to get them working? I think this way:

  1. wait for an OS update and install it when it is available, let the old cameras built in until the updated OS runs again
  2. then exchange the camera modules
  3. start up and hope that everything works

Did I forget something?

Additional question: will there be any configuration works needed for the new cameras when the device had before old ones? Or will the OS recognize new hardware by itself?

You should chose #1, (until Android 10-update) unless you don’t need the cameras, but as you ordered the new ones, I guess you want to use it :wink:

Mountain summer is over, snow has already fallen, all the marmots are sleeping, I don’t need a mobile camera until next spring :sunglasses:

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flash first FP3 Android 10 stock rom. Than you can use my Q-GSI CUSTOM BUILD - Android 10 (Q) eOS GSI -- new versions September 17th
As far as I know, the new camera is working fine on it

I will wait for an official update. (Hope this will still be this year …)

If one uses your GSI, do the normal OTAs work or does one have to flash a new GSI every time?
What could be a benefit of a “normal” version over a GSI? Does the GSI have newer blobs due to the stock ROM?

A GSI can’t never be updated via OTA. An GSI update MUST always done by manual flashing

Thanks for clarification

Why is that ? What’s the difference between sideloading the new system image or install it via OTA like /e/ does ? In both cases it replaces the old system image by the new one. (according to how I understand things)

I don’t think someone will push 2.5 GB or more via OTA

So it’s possible right ? There is no technical reason preventing an OTA update of a GSI build ?

Why 2.5 GB ? None of your GSI exceed 1 GB.

And if people are able to download 2.5 GB over Wi-Fi with a computer, they will be able to do the same with a phone anyway.

They are xz compressed. The full version has 2.8 GB

I don’t have ever seen a GSI OTA because it has to be flashed by fadtboot. It’s a .img, not a zip. So OTA will work different.

If there is a way to flash it by OTA only PHH, the master of GSI could say

Indeed I missed this detail.

Thank you for those explanations.


anyone got news on the availability of the FP3+ image?
According to store fresh devices should be shipping since yesterday, maybe delayed?


The FP3+ devices should start shipping from the eShop later today.
On the image …will share the link to an /e/ Q build for the FP3+ ASAP.
Team is testing it right now

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Hi Manoj,

thank you so much for confirming this fast.
So, an installer image will appear then in the downloads section as well?
Until now I stayed back to flash the stock FP3 image to an FP3+ phone or would that be the way forward?


The FP3 / FP3+ /e/ Q builds in the next set of releases will be the same. As mentioned we are testing them and will share them hopefully later today.


There is a reason, I support this project.
Thank you so much Manoj.

Dear @Manoj and team,
thanks for your precious support, I am looking forward to the Q builds!
I wish you a good health for you and your family!
Best, Raymond

Hi all! Just to reiterate what I’ve said in the FP community forum, I’m a guy who cares about privacy but is extreeemeley scared of turning an expensive phone into a brick

As I can’t postpone anymore using my FP3+ that I purchased some time ago, I’ve decided that going to be used by Google for a while and use simple Android. I know you’re releasing the Q build really soon (great job!), but I’m a tech blacksmith that is out of depth with all these complicated steps.

I think I read somewhere that there’s work in progress regarding an auto-installer for the FP3, so I want to thank in advance those people because not everyone concerned about privacy is super tech-savvy. Please let us know when it’s ready. It will be much appreciated!