"plussed" Fairphone 3

Hi all! Just to reiterate what I’ve said in the FP community forum, I’m a guy who cares about privacy but is extreeemeley scared of turning an expensive phone into a brick

As I can’t postpone anymore using my FP3+ that I purchased some time ago, I’ve decided that going to be used by Google for a while and use simple Android. I know you’re releasing the Q build really soon (great job!), but I’m a tech blacksmith that is out of depth with all these complicated steps.

I think I read somewhere that there’s work in progress regarding an auto-installer for the FP3, so I want to thank in advance those people because not everyone concerned about privacy is super tech-savvy. Please let us know when it’s ready. It will be much appreciated!

This code will also be released once we finish and publish the FP3 / FP3+ builds. The last update I had early this morning the team was still testing various features on the phones. Expect the release will get extended by a day.

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Hello, do you have some news about the release ? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

We are running a final set of tests. Expect the release should happen today EOD or by tomorrow in case of any issues.


I am already running the test builds and for me they are working fine :slight_smile: just to boost the hype :partying_face:



:loudspeaker: The /e/ FP3+'s are rolling out. Grab yours from the eShop if not already done !!!


Great news.
What about those like me who have a fp3+ already and would like to install /e/? On the descriptions of the installations guides it still says not for fp3+ or new camera moduls…

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I am also wondering about this too, it does say now “Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP3/3+” but then there is a caution saying “The FP3+ and its new camera modules are not supported on /e/OS yet.” :man_shrugging:

The warning is being removed. Should not show up by Monday when the team would come in and push the change to the documentation server.


Thanks Manoj for your quick response, looking forward to testing it :slightly_smiling_face:

If you press the power button to continue, this screen will appear again?

I’ll swap the modules tonight. I had to upgrade to Q first

I’ve swapped the modules and they’re working perfectly.
Photo quality is a lot better compared to the old modules. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi screenager.
I have upgraded my FP3 to Q.
Then I have swapped the two cam modules.
They are working ok.
But when I open OpenCamera, I see tap top cam is 4608x3456 pixels (16M) but the rear cam is still 3000x4000 so 16M also.
Do you have an idea ?

Oups I didn’t check software updates… Maybe it is the reason.
I see that 0.12-2020110883453 and 2020110983831 and 2020111084009 are available.
May I update directly to recent one ?
Or all of them are to be done one by one ?

Yeah seems to be normal.
from the FP website:

Q: What does “48MP (12MP output)” mean?
A: The raw sensor (the Samsung GM1) is 48MP. The primary focus of this sensor is to gather more light and therefore perform better in low light conditions and capture more details. This is achieved by combining tiny pixels of 0.8-micro to deliver light sensitivity equal to 1.6-micro pixels. Hence its effective output is still 12MP. This is common practice in the industry with phones such as the Samsung S5KGM1, Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, Nokia 7.2, and the Sony IMX363.

and on the forum there are also some topics regarding this:
https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp3-new-camera-module-still-generating-12-mp-pictures/64573/5 and https://forum.fairphone.com/t/old-and-new-camera-photo-comparison/64727

I really don’t know… I always apply them one by one


Without knowing anything official (apart from this old statement)… the Updater should display a file size for the update.
Compare this to the file size of the corresponding full install file you can download at https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/. If this roughly matches, the updates wouldn’t be incremental and you could just do the latest one.

Since I just installed the latest build from scratch, I have no example for the Fairphone 3 currrently.
On my Fairphone 2 the Updater displays 0.12-2020102981459 with a file size of 719 MB. If I download the corresponding file from https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP2/ it comes in with a file size of 719.223.931 Bytes … a match, of sorts.
(If you use 1.024 * 1.024 Bytes = 1 MB, which is the norm in IT, this would amount to about 686 MB, but that would make the full install file smaller than the OTA update as reported by the Updater, so I guess they simply used 1.000 * 1.000 Bytes = 1 MB in the Updater, same as HDD/SSD vendors do with people complaining afterwards they didn’t get what was advertised just because their OS uses the 1.024 base and thus displays a smaller GB number for the same amount of Bytes.)

I have read explanations and I understand. I took some pictures and exposure is better.
Thanks a lot for your answer and your help.

Thanks for your help.
I will try the more recent one.

Hi all.
Some feedback on my soft & hard upgrades, for those who are afraid or hesitating.
I have bought FP3 with Android installed.
In may, I have installed /e/OS with Linux and CLI, easy and top.
Yesterday, I received my two upgrades modules (top+ & cam+) but I have seen that Android 10 should be necessary to manage the new cam+.
So I chose easy-installer to upgrade Android from 9 to 10 to discover a more simple user way.
Fantastic software. I used it on Kubuntu and followed all on-screen instructions step by step. /e/OS is now on Android 10. Great job to all of you ! You are fantastic.
Second I opened my phone and swapped the two modules. Easy. Phone started, I saw difference in OpenCamera in image quality term.
I was surprised that top+ shows 16M of resolution and cam+ doesnt show 48M. Thanks to screenager for explanations about that.
FP3 is perfectly running and I am too happy !
Last hesitation : I see 3 software updates and I hesitate between download all of them one by one or directly download the more recent one. I will try this evening to install the more recent one.
Thanks to all for your job !

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