POCO F1 - No media playing, no audio, no video...HELP!

Hi everybody,
I have a Poco F1, it was running on MIUI 11, Android 10 based. I have flashed to /e/ beryllium as the guide says, step by step, everything were fine, no issues during the installation.
But I have some problems regarding the media playing, there is no audio playing, neither for the music application playing local mp3 songs, or trying to play any video on the browser, or youtube or any website. There’s also an issue with the video, it plays with lag, something like when you have a very bad internet connection (but this is not the case).
However, the alarm sounds properly as the notifications, as incoming calls, it looks like an issue when I try to play any media, video or song from local storage or any website.
I downloaded VLC player from Apps application, and I got to play a local song changing the audio output to “OpenSL ES” from “AudioTrack” in the vlc settings, but that’s all I achieved, I don’t know how to make it play in Music app or any website, or any other app, I need help please!
Of course for video playing also since I cannot play any video right now.

I have also find other issues with some apps that I think need to connect to google services, I have, for example, an app called “Timp” to make reservations at my gym that it does not work, how can I get these kind of apps running on /e/?? I know it does not make sense to have an /e/ and try to use these apps with google, but I need some of them.

Can someone help me, please??? PLEASE!!!

UPDATE: I flashed this version of Beryllium: e-0.12-p-2020093076095-dev-beryllium.zip

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HI @jodmundo. Don’t worry. That’s not a big issue.
You are facing instability issues that are not at all unusual when downgrading to a lower Android version.
As you have said your device was on MIUI 11/Android 10.
/e/ for Pocophone is just on Pie/Android 9.

  • What you need to do: Go to https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/ and download the Android 9 Version of MIUI (you will a version stating: “Recovery 9.6.27 9.0 2.0 GB 2019-06-28”
  • Flash that MIUI version on your system (and you will see that the phone is working properly again).
  • Once this is accomplished you can start a new attempt to put the latest /e/OS on your phone (https://images.ecloud.global/dev/beryllium/). Then /e/OS is likely to work smoothly on your Poco F1.

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