Poco F1 - Problems with Multimedia-Files

My Poco F1 is running e-0.10-p-2020080666687-dev-beryllium now.
Previous and now i have problems with Multimedia-Files.

When i use the Music-App to play MP3-Files, i see something like a VU-Meter, but i do not hear any sound - not via speakers nor via headphones.

The FM-Radio does what it should via the headphones (yes, uses the wire of the headphones as antenna - so cannot work via speakers).

When i want to see a Youtube-Video in Firefox, i do not hear any sound and the Video is running in slow-motion - the same when i use the the Standard-Browser or the Newpipe-App.

We got two devices, both react the same. With MIUI before i did not not have these problems.

We got two Wileyfox Swifts (crackling) (e-010-n-2020081367789), the do not have this problem.

This issue looks like this one :


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