Pocophone, comments after install pie version


Yesterday, I reinstalled my pocophone F1 from /e/ oreo version to pie version.

Here are little comments after this upgrade :

  • At first boot, when I choised French for language, the keyboard was still in qwerty.
    it’s can be surprising.

  • As I’m a “Signal” user, I installed “Signal” from “Apps”.
    I had the bad surprise that I could not restore my backup because, the version of “Signal” was too old.
    So “Apps” have an old version of “Signal”… I had to install it from an other source to be able to restore my backup.

  • After install of “Fdroid”, it said to me that there is an update for “openkeychain”.
    I don’t know if it’s because the version of “openkeychain” in /e/ is a fork or not.

  • Yes, good news ! There is no more “Opencamera” bug that I had with oreo version. (pictures, too more bright)
    I can use “Opencamera” again. Cool.

  • No problem to sync my contacts from my personal baikal server.

  • It took a long time for the GPS to point my location. It could see me from 20 miles away…
    Now it seems to be better (but not perfect) without change any settings.
    In “Maps”, it’s OK.
    In “weather”, most of the time, it’ ok but sometimes there are a mistake from several kms and sometimes it don’t find my location.
    With “Owntrack” (mosquitto selfhosted), the map shows the right location, but the name of the city is not the right one.

Thanks for the whole /e/ team.
What I can say is : Without /e/, I still wouldn’t have a smartphone, with /e/ I have one.

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Hi @xlbt thanks for the feedback on the Poco pie build

Apps Installer has some issues and is under extensive rewrite. For now as a workaround you can use FDroid or Aurora Store if it works for you.

System apps cannot be updated by FDroid . They have to come in a new build.

I opened a bug because when Browser is called from an other app, it crashes.

I first believed that it was only from the updater, but in fact it’s from any app that call the browser.

https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1188 (sorry, I don’t know how to link issue in gitlab.)