Pocophone F1 e-0.7-o-2020012438713-dev-beryllium.zip no GPS?


yesterday i installed the update e-0.7-o-2020012438713-dev-beryllium.zip.
Today I noticed that the GPS in the Geocaching App did not work. When testing the Blitzer.de app while driving, I also didn’t get a GPS signal.
Was it because of the image? Before I had at least the signal in the Blitzer.de app, I had not used the Geocaching app for a while.

I have now switched back to the image from 16.01.2020, so I reinstalled everything, a downgrade did not work (the PIN of the encrypted partition would be wrong). So I used PitchBlack Recovery (the PIN worked then) to backup and format some data, installed the image from 16.01., both apps are running again, so they have GPS signal.

Acknowledge. Also with the version from 16.01.2020 I had now problems with GPS, normally I had made a restart and GPS was back again. But today it didn’t help anymore, restarted several times without success.
So tonight I deleted the data partition on my mobile phone and installed the version from 24.01.2020 again, then I set up the mobile phone again.
The microG services are deactivated, must also be deactivated, otherwise an app will not run correctly.
GPS is currently available in the Geocaching App and the Blitzer.de App.
So something must have been changed in the version at least from 16.01. Before that I had no problems with GPS, because I use the Blitzer.de app every day when I drive my car.